ABN : 54414625837
Mon - Fri : 8am - 5pm
Sat : 8am - 12pm


Enter a 4 digit code of your choice and press the Hash Button (#) to securely lock the locker.

1st time order, place garments into a bag of your choice


Place order

Order online here or SMS your locker number to 0435-432-243



We notify you via SMS / email with the locker number your order is in and the code to open it (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number).

Pick ups are run daily from Monday - Friday from 7am unless your in a designated route day, we will have clearly marked sign. For a faster turnaround time, place an order the night before and your order will be delivered within 24 - 48 hrs. Please re-use your custom bag or $25 bag replacement fee applies.